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What is a portable WiFi router? How do you use it?

March 31, 2022, Written by 0 comment

We are used to having internet at our fingertips 24 hours a days. When we travel, and data roaming costs become prohibitive, we get frustrated. A portable WiFi router is the solution. Although it might seem very high-tech, these small gadgets are affordable and can be used anywhere you want.

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What is a portable WiFi router and how do you use it?

The portable WiFi router works just like your home internet box, except that it is not connected to a phone line. Instead, the SIM card is stored inside. An ‘unlocked” portable WiFi router means that you can use any SIM card from anywhere in the world inside it. This means that you will always receive the lowest rates because you can either use a global data SIM or a local SIM inside it. You can set up your own private internet connection anywhere you are on the planet with a portable WiFi device. This includes phones, tablets, iPads, and iPads.

They are so easy to use!

It is amazing. It is as easy as plugging in a SIM card, turning it on, and you can surf the internet from multiple devices at once. You can’t use the company’s SIM card in locked portable WiFi hotspots. This can make them expensive to purchase when you travel. Unlocked WiFi routers are best as you can use any SIM card inside. This will allow you to save money in your country.

They are reliable?

Although portable devices have different capabilities, you can access the internet as long as there are network connections in your destination. Keep in mind that not all countries support 4G, so make sure to consider this when choosing a device. The majority of WiFi hotspots are capable of connecting at least 10 devices. They also provide decent internet speeds. The Huawei E5577c 4G mobile WiFi is an excellent example. It’s also affordable. The Huawei E5855 4G+Mobile Hotspot is the best option for those who want the fastest 4G+ download speeds and up to 1600 hours of standby. You can also get a portable hotspot, such as the Huawei E5330 Portable WiFi, if you’re not so fussy about internet speed. The iPhone app can remotely manage all aspects of this small internet device. This router can connect to 10 devices simultaneously and offers impressive internet speed. It is a great value for money. This MiFi device is a great choice for travelers with limited budgets.

What are the uses of a portable WiFi router?

A portable WiFi router can be used when you travel, whether it is for business or pleasure. It can also be used in your car, office, or home to provide WiFi connectivity. It allows you to connect your family members’/business colleagues’ devices up to a secure network, so that you all can get online easily. You can keep your productivity high when you’re on the road for business. Portable WiFi hotspots can be carried anywhere you want. Make sure the SIM card you use has good data rates for the country in which you are using it.

What are the options?

There are many portable WiFi hotspots available on the market. These vary in:

  • Size: Some are small and some are large.
  • Functionality: Some devices have only basic functionality, such as the ability to send and receive SMS. Some have basic functionality (e.g. internet access), while others offer additional features such as the Huawei E5855, which is a power bank that charges your devices and can send and receive SMS.
  • Compatibility: All WiFi hotspots work with all WiFi enabled devices. However, you can plug in your tablet or laptop using a WiFi USB. Other WiFi USBs can be used as a standalone gadget and are compatible with any other WiFi-enabled device.
  • Cost: There are many options. If you only need to access the internet when you travel, a ZTE is cheaper. However, if your office needs fast download speeds or you want to support small offices, you will want a ZTE with 4G+ speeds.
  • Speed: There are 4G, 4G, and 4G+ WiFi hotspots available on the market. 4G+ is the fastest with speeds twice that of 4G.
  • Locked/Unlocked : This is what we covered above. Make sure that you have the freedom of using any SIM within the country to get the best rates.

Portable hotspots are great because you can stay connected while on the go. You can update your Facebook status with travel photos, answer emails, or find local attractions. These handy devices are great for when you don’t have access to WiFi or to protect yourself from hackers who exploit open WiFi connections. You can read our blog post to learn how to choose the right WiFi hotspot. Or, you can visit our online store to find the lowest prices on a variety of portable WiFi brands. Our International roaming SIM card range offers the best data bundles, which can help you reduce roaming fees by more than 80%.